The strings of my guitar

Guitar. I want to play it more. If I were stranded on an unknown shore and I had my guitar, I would be the happiest person on earth! Because sea waves and guitar are the perfect combination for me. Water crawling up to my feet, sea breezes, and slow music on guitar….. what more do I want?! 

Even at my home, when no one’s there and there is utter silence, I pick up my guitar and start playing. Guitar makes me happy. It makes me appreciate the beauty of music, and how it can heal someone. I don’t play guitar to impress others, I play it for myself. And this is not being selfish. This is one’s happiness. 

I don’t actually ‘learn’ guitar. I don’t take classes and learn the ‘basics’. YouTube’s always there if I need to play a specific song. And the reason why I don’t take classes is because I want to explore the strings and chords. I want to ‘create’ chords. Have you ever wondered that someone must have explored and created the C major chord?

And that’s why I don’t know all the ‘basics’. I know most of them now because I try to listen how the tune changes on every fret, how chords change, not because I paid money to learn them. That’s why I am so much attached to my guitar. I want to learn it by exploring it by myself. 

And that is what I told my sister when she asked me why I don’t want to take classes. But I can’t tell every person this ‘elaborated’ reason! So when someone asks me the same question, I just nod along them and tell them that YouTube’s just as fine with me.

An instrument may seem like just an instrument. But if you know and appreciate music, it becomes a piece of your soul. 



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