Seizing these days

I still remember those days when I used to be studious. And now when I look back at my old self, I am astonished to see how much I have changed since then. I have become more self confident and more passionate towards my aspirations. But most importantly, I have amazing friends. I can’t possibly describe these great people. A few days back, when we were all having lunch together, I realized that I was with the most amazing people. I realized that I was darn lucky to have these people in my life. This was a miracle. 

And in that moment, I swear we were infinite. 

                       – Stephen Chbosky from The Perks of being a Wallflower

I realized that these people were worth the wait. They were worth it. 

I still remember the time when I was a ‘newbie’ in my present school and I had no friends. Man, I was messed up at that time! On my first day of sixth grade in a completely new school, I thought I would never be able to adjust myself here. I felt like I was getting suffocated. And after I came back home after that ‘horrible first day’, the first thing I did was cry. I cried like a child,really!  I kept shouting,” I want to go back to my friends. I need them desperately. I wouldn’t be able to survive here. This school is hell! ” 

My first year was, in one word, ‘terrible’! I don’t think that my classmates even knew my name till seventh grade! Apparently, I was some kind of invisible girl..until the beginning of the seventh grade.. On the first day of any class, normally, people would be excited, but since this is me, I wasn’t. I was like,” Cheers to another year of darkness!’ I was sitting gloomily, alone, trapped in melancholy, then suddenly this girl came up to me and asked,” Can I sit with you today? There is no other seat left.” I thought,” Yeah,right. People would only sit with me because there isn’t any other space left! ” Anyway, I replied,”  Yeah, of course!” 

But how could I possibly know that this was the inception of our friendship. 

This girl’s name was Sanskriti. That day, we talked a lot. For the first time after what seemed like decades, I enjoyed sitting with one of my classmates. She was truly an amazing person and at the end of the day, we ended up being friends. The whole year, we sat together and became the best of friends. And that, for me, was a miracle. She was the first person in this school who understood me, who saw ‘the real me’. My friendship with her also paved the way for me to know her another friend, Devanshi. And she was the second best thing that ever happened to me that year. We three were ‘inseparable’, with me and Devanshi often annoying Sanskriti with our quirky behaviour! If I were to relate our chemistry, then I would say that Sanskriti reminds me of Monica Geller from the TV show Friends because of her extremely caring attitude towards everyone. She is always the one who tries to sew torn pieces together. On the other side, the relation between me and Devanshi reminds me of Raven and Chelsea from That’s so Raven! 

And then, Divya happened. I still find it amazing that we actually ended up being friends! We both are poles apart, but I guess that’s what forged our friendship. She has a really ‘free-spirited’ personality. That’s what I like the most about her. 

Soon, even before we realised, we entered eighth grade. And that year, was waiting for me to encounter with the most light-hearted people I have ever met. My connection with these people became stronger and stronger as times went by. Quite soon, Srishti, Prachi and Khushi became an important part of my life. When I am with Srishti, I feel as if I have stepped into the world of laughter and happiness. Prachi, is the sweet nerdy girl who doesn’t care what people think about her. We both share the love of Barbies! (I know that we are quite old to still like Barbie, but who cares?!) And Khushi is the one with whom I can share my problems. 

Now, I have what I never thought I would. As a 10 year old girl, you couldn’t imagine how hard it was for me to move on from my old school life to a whole new one. These people are much more than what I deserved. And this, really is a miracle. 

Isn’t it mystical how a person can make your life full of rainbows? This is the connection I have with them. This strong bonding that was forged out of love and affection. 

And I can’t help but seize every moment with them so that one day, I wouldn’t regret not seizing them, so that one day, when I would look back at my old self, a smile would come upon my face. 

So, these are the times, the moments,

Hold on to them,

Carpe Diem! 




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