The chasing sun

I was walking in the park and enjoying the warmth of the sun. Whenever I gazed at the sky, the sun was moving along with me. Whenever I stopped walking, so did the sun. It was then when I realised something, something which has changed my life.

Happiness is just like the sun. It keeps chasing you. It never stops, unless you want it to. You can never look directly at the sun, it’s physically impossible. And in life also, you can never look directly at the happiness. People often say that one keeps chasing happiness and is never able to acquire it. But it’s just the opposite. Happiness keeps chasing you, you just don’t realise it. Like, when you are walking, the sun keeps ‘chasing’ you and when you stop, so does the sun. Life is not easy. Whenever you have a breakdown, you come to a halt. You feel like it’s the end of the world. You feel like you will never find happiness in life and that you don’t deserve it. Little do you know that when you loose your will power and you give up just like that, happiness stops ,but never goes away. It’s always by your side, no matter what. So, that’s why you have to move on, because when you do so, the happiness moves along too. You just have to feel it. So, next time you blame yourself and your personality that you don’t deserve happiness, just remember that you don’t have to ‘find’ it, because it’s already there. You just don’t know how to realise it.  

This philosophy of mine has changed me. Many people have told me that I am a cheerful girl, and I myself think so. I am always happy. It isn’t like I don’t have breakdowns and sad days, but it’s just that I try to move past it as quickly as I can. 

Always remember, the chasing sun. 


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