Something about me

Nocturnal. Movie buff. Nerd. Bookworm. Quirky. Francophile. Potterhead. Narnian. F.r.i.e.n.d.s. fanatic. Sherlockian. Music lover.Guitarist. Italian food lover(not to mention Lasagna)! Poetic. Wanna-be chef. Philomath. Reserved. Happy.

The list could go on forever. I love to meet new people, although I may become slightly awkward around them at first but gradually, I am able to reveal them my real side. The reason I have started a blog is because I like to share my thoughts and opinions. This blog is like my journey,my train of thoughts, myself. I love to talk to people who enjoy the same things like me. I could talk to them for hours and I wouldn’t have the urge to drink water!

So, back to myself. I have an addictive personality, that means I become addicted to something very quickly and to a large extent. Nothing could stop me from doing that, not even Voldemort! And that’s the thing I hate about me. I can’t control myself. My first addiction was The Chronicles of Narnia when I was in seventh grade. I have watched the movies about a gazillion times and still I am not tired of them. I literally mouth the dialogues while watching them, and that’s saying something! I know the books word to word. Even my family got tired of my craziness over Narnia during that year. But as I said, nothing could control me! Then in eighth grade, some new things began to fascinate me. I started watching American and British sitcoms; and a new phase of addiction began to build up. I became obsessed with one sitcom in particular and that was Friends. I would watch one whole season a day! I would watch it at night until god knows when and still I wouldn’t be sleepy! I still remember the date when I watched the last episode of the show. It was 23rd March,2015. That unfortunate date when my favourite show which had become a major part of my life was about to end. It was about 11 pm at night when tears had started coming in my eyes, while slowly, the tune ‘Embryonic Journey’ by Jefferson Airplane played as the series ended with a last shot of Monica’s apartment where everything had happened.

It was time to move on. Although I still watch random episodes of Friends when I need a good laugh. Then came ninth grade, with new priorities. While everyone was busy getting tensed for the beginning of high school and studies, I was all calm and busy with new addictions. My latest obsession became Harry Potter. I admit, I had never watched the movies or read the books earlier. I had easily imagined that no fantasy could be better than Narnia and that Harry Potter was rubbish and complicated. I know, I had been judgmental and quite frankly, stupid. But one day, it was somewhere around 5th or 6th June, when suddenly this thought came up to me to have a Harry Potter marathon. I just wanted to prove myself that Narnia was still better. But then I realised that it wasn’t fair of me to judge a movie without even watching it properly. So, I gave Harry a chance. And that was the day I felt lucky to have watched it. On the same day, I watched the second and third parts too. I was left awestruck by the theme and the concept. By the next two days, I had watched the whole damn series! After watching one part, I couldn’t control my desire to watch the next part. After I had finished the series in just three days, I regretted having watched them too quickly! In those three amazing days, I had hated Snape, pitied Harry, feared Voldemort and his return, felt disgust towards Malfoy, and then gradually towards the end, loved Snape and pitied Malfoy! I had cried when the screen blacked out in the last movie and credits started to roll. That was it. That was the end of it all. But then I decided to read the books too because you know, movies leave out some stuff that is in the books. And I was glad to have done so. Since then, I have had HP marathons about a trillion times and re-read the books(since this is me we are talking about!).

Quite soon, 2016 came(with apparently new addictions for me)! I guess it was 4th January when I made up my mind to start another show,not a sitcom, but like a miniseries. I searched my hard disk for something like that and my cursor stopped at this one- Sherlock BBC series. And this one was exactly what I needed. I quickly switched off the lights and pulled out my blanket from the drawer and got some popcorn ready. I started watching it. Oh what a splendid night it was- to have discovered new obsession, to discover the marvelous talents of Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Rupert Graves and Andrew Scott! I finished the first season that night only. By the next three or four days, I was crying that season 4 would be coming freaking next year! Anyway, I thought of reading the books till that time. So, now a days, I am reading the amazing masterpieces of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

So now I was on a hunt to discover another show. I wanted to watch a ‘dramedy’ kind of series. One day, when I was watching The Big Bang Theory on Zee Cafe, a promo of a show called Red Band Society came up. It was about a group of teenagers living in a hospital as patients and going through their difficulties. That really struck a chord within me.This concept seemed new and fascinated me. I downloaded the first season that day only and started watching it. As you might be able to guess my next sentence, I just loved the pilot episode. I loved the theme, the idea, the actors. I haven’t finished the series yet because there is only one season and that with only 13 episodes. So, I am taking it slow. Though I am really disappointed and angry at the network for cancelling a show like this.

So, that was about my addictive personality. Apart from that, I love to play my guitar and compose music on it. I recently learned to play ‘Here comes the sun’ by The Beatles on it.

I am an avid reader. Fantasy and mystery/thriller are my comfort zones. Otherwise, I love to read books of all sorts of genre, except romantic, because romance just doesn’t appeal to me that much.

I want to be a chef specialised in French and Italian cuisine. Lasagna is my weakness(now I understand Garfield when he didn’t use to get a plate full of Lasagna)!

As I mentioned earlier, I am a movie buff but I’ll post about that the next time. Moreover, I have lately developed this interest for physics. I used to hate it, but since I watched Interstellar and The Martian and read a couple of books about it, I have started loving it!

I have been going to the library almost everyday along with my other nerdy friend Prachi to study Quantum Mechanics since the day we got to know our common interest. We are currently studying ‘A brief history of time’ and ‘The universe in a nutshell’, both by Professor Stephen Hawking. I know we are quite young to be reading such complicated and ‘high-level’ stuff, but knowledge never goes waste. Space,universe,black holes, probes, wormholes,relativity,gravity.. all of this just fascinates me.

Last thing about me, I am as happy as a daffodil because really, there is nothing missing from my life. I am satisfied with what I have and I prefer to enjoy it rather than complaining about what I don’t have. I can easily say that I know how to live life. But, I don’t wish to turn into a mini Aristotle and get all philosophical because this post isn’t about such things!

I am finally ending this because I have been typing for one hour when I should be studying for my finals!




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