The sound of music

Quoted by Stevie Wonder,’ Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand’. Music is that little drop of sunshine over darkness. It is that tiny dew drop on a leaf of a huge tree. It is that beautiful yet unforgettable escape from this labyrinth of fears and unusual doubts. It is one’s true self. It sews the torn pieces together and is that rare smile on our face. That rare, priceless smile and happiness.

Music. I want to listen to it more. Because I know that it will define my true self till perpetuity. Music is a liberating force. I would say, this is a fact and I believe that it applies on everyone. It certainly does make a considerate change if a person knows and understands the true gist of music. It is not a ‘profession’, but a spirit that comes from within.  It can make any word beautiful to hear along with a melody or harmony. Such beautiful words that one can’t get enough of. Such words that feel to us like melted caramel and make us appreciate it…..

Guitar. I want to play it more. That happiness can never be compared to that when my words correspond with every string I play. Every person in this world admires a specific form of music in some or the other way. After all, everyone enjoys a heartwarming piece of music that defines them the best. I believe that some people judge life in a very cynical way.  And I would like to advise them- let music heal you. Let it crawl up to your feet and change your doleful life forever. Let it make you realize your true instincts. Let it be the mystical healing incantation for you. Let it be you.

The world needs music. It really does. For it is the perfect healer. It’s time you get to know what music really is. Let the sound of music do justice to what music in its true form is.  Music is present everywhere. One just has to recognize it.Quoted by Dick Clark,” Music is the soundtrack of our lives.” 




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