Fighting it

I am standing at the edge of the cliff,

There’s darkness all around me,

I am one step away from falling down and be just a memory,

But I will fight it, I will fight the storm raging inside me,

I will fight the howling of the bitter winds,I will.

I was born to embrace life.

I will fight the darkness within me until my body rots trying.


The winds are bringing me down, but I am fighting,

I am down at my knees,the winds still blowing, but I am fighting it.

I close my eyes and reminisce about all the happy memories of my life, fighting it.

For all I know, I will keep fighting.

The winds are growing stronger than ever,tempting me to give up,

But I am fighting,like a warrior in combat.

The winds are pushing me hard,but I am fighting.

I stand boldly,my hair flowing with the winds,

I close my eyes and remember all the people who love me and what all they have given up for me,

I open my eyes and smile,as if I had found the answer.

I start to dance along with the winds,realising their weakness.

After some time, I find myself, not at the edge of the cliff where I had been standing the whole time, 

But in a meadow, surrounded by my loved ones.

I smile at them and look at the vast horizons in front of me,

waiting for me to explore them. 



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