Cincinnati, bougie, best students and the letter

I am writing this for you my friend, Khushi. I only hope that I could be half the person you are, my dear.

This year has been a crazy ride, and it would have been impossible without her. I bet that if she is reading this right now, she is probably bursting into fits of laughter.

I remember that I was made to sit with Khushi as partners. At that time, we weren’t friends and we hardly knew each other. I effortlessly assumed that I would get bored with her. I always find it hard to socialize with people very quickly, but with her it was quite different. I found her extremely hilarious and friendly. It was something about her that made my day. In the french period, ma’am had told us to write a letter describing the festival of Diwali to a friend. Khushi asked me what was the french for ‘candlestick’. I didn’t know so I took out my dictionary(which was perfectly torn and untidy) to look for it. Finally, we got the word- Bougie. And for some reason, we laughed so hard at it’s pronunciation; so hard that everyone sitting in our row began staring at us lunatics! This was funny not just because we thought the word was funny, but because our reason for laughing was completely senseless and weird. The whole period, we were laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing! I felt so great in her company.

The next day, in English class, we were being taught ‘Best Seller’ by O Henry. Many a times, the word ‘Cincinnati’ cropped up in the chapter. And then once again, began our laughing spree on senseless things. This time, we were laughing on the word Cincinnati. We thought- what a cute name for a place! The sweet tingling sound while pronouncing it, just simply amazed us! We literally got addicted to it. We didn’t get tired by repeating this word again and again and laughing every time.

You might be thinking what a weird sense of humor we have, but that won’t stop us!

Few days went by, and our bond became more than just laughter and unjustified giggles. One day,it was our french exam. It was a worksheet based upon grammar. And what happened that day in the class was totally embarrassing for us both. I don’t really remember what happened but I do remember that ma’am pointed to me and Khushi and said jokingly,” You are my best students.” I don’t recall why she said that. But we got so happy hearing this that we couldn’t stop boasting and feeling proud. We started grooving while sitting ,and laughing and shouting,’We are the best students.We are the best.”

We didn’t realize that ma’am was constantly staring at us. And when we finally came to our senses, it was too late to feel guilty! We were so embarrassed, that the rest of the period, we had our face buried in our hands, without saying anything.

So, that was about the ‘best students’ incident. Last of all, that redefined our friendship was ‘the letter’. It was 6th January and we all had decided to meet to celebrate New Year’s. I had written letters for everyone, except Khushi. This was because I felt that we hadn’t developed that kind of friendship which I had with everyone else. Yeah she was a friend but not a close one. Anyway, when I was giving letters to everyone else that day, she got really angry at me ( not in a serious way) and said that I could have written at least something for her after all those hilarious moments. She literally asked me to write one for her!! That’s the things I like about her. She is not at all formal and she expresses her feelings and doesn’t hide them. I gave her the letter after sometime and she was really happy about it. And we joked about how she was sad when she didn’t get one and forced me to write one.

So, now, after all these incidents, we have gotten really close and mutual. I just know that whenever we will look back at these memories, we would cherish those days.

Not to get too dramatic now, I just want to say that- Khushi, thanks for making my life a whole lot better and full of senseless laughter!






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