The Waltz king

Johann Strauss isn’t known as ‘The Waltz king’ for nothing. The man with mutton chops sure left a legacy behind with his oh so divine music pieces.  Just listen to ‘Vienna Blood’, ‘The Blue Danube Waltz’ and ‘Voices of Spring’ and you will be forced to agree with me. 

I have always wanted to learn Waltz. And after listening to his music, my desire for the same is only growing. So much, that when I am alone at my home, I play this music at full volume and start to Waltz. I learnt the basic Waltz steps a few weeks back by watching tutorials on YouTube. And now, it’s the only thing I want to do all day long!

His music is so pure and royal in every sense, it just makes you wanna dance with someone. It’s beautiful and it has a certain warmth to it. It is like melted caramel; sweet yet rich in taste.  It transports you to a place where there’s no tomorrow, a place with a thousand Suns, a place where Strauss casts a spell on everyone through his music. 






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