Happy Birthday,love!

Hi Ishita! I don’t know if you are reading this or not but I am gonna write this for you anyway. First of all, a very Happy Birthday!! How can I forget this special day?! It’s the 20th of June! How could it not be special! I know we haven’t talked in a long time or met each other but I won’t let this fact get in my way of calling you to wish you. It’s you, after all! Although I would love to be that same old Mishika with that same old  Ishita, a lot has changed since I left and we can’t go back to who we were. Not that we don’t want to, but simply because we have changed. But so what? Does this change mean we can’t be in touch with each other at all?! I just know that if we will meet even today, we will laugh and talk and smile like we used to some years ago.  I still have all the cards you ever gave me and that silver dolphin necklace you gifted to me on my 10th birthday. I remember you bringing it to school and making me wear it. It’s beautiful, really. You used to love dolphins(I dunno if you still do) and that necklace defines our friendship over the years. I also have that big beautiful card whose front has colorful threads curved in self designs. I remember your first day of Maxfort. I was sitting with Simran in the bus and you came and sat on the seat in front of us. But what did we know that you would eventually be a part of our squad?! I still remember your room- that sweet little purple room with a sofa-cum-bed and a cute study table. Oh I loved that!

Now, I am ending this, so, a very Happy Birthday again, my dear Directioner! May all your dreams come true. And let’s meet soon.


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