The tragic end of Poppity Popcorn and his parents

(Hey guys! I have written another short story. This one kind of has black humor. And my inspiration for making it dark humor is none other than Tim Burton. Hope you like it!)


Once upon a time, Mr.Popcorn married Mrs.Popcorn and they named their child Poppity Popcorn. They all used to live in Popenshire, but Mr.Popcorn’s job got transferred to this new place- Popcornical State. He had heard a lot about this place but he just didn’t know why it was making such a fuss among Popcorn people. Anyway, they all shifted to this place. But the moment they entered it, they started to pop! They easily assumed that it was just the effect of heat against their pale skins because popping Popcorns had been banned two years ago according to the Cornlaw of Popina. So, they discarded the thought that they were getting popped. After all, it was blazing hot! But then they saw other Popcorns too changing their color every second! But now, it was too late. In a flash, the realization hit upon them- they were in a Popcorn Machine that humans had built so that they could eat them! So, Mr.Popcorn and his wife and his son, they all hugged each other and said,” We have always been together, and we will be till we die. So, let’s bid farewell to this amazing world. Goodbye!”

And that’s how life took a sudden turn for Poppity Popcorn and his parents.


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