Undying love for books

It’s not just a book if you find yourself completely trapped in that book. It’s not just a book if those characters become your family. It’s not just a book if it is a magical portal for you to escape reality.That’s right. I read books to escape the harsh realities of life. They tell us why we are who we are. I hate that crap when someone says they read books just to improve their language. Sure, it can be one reason. But then, the book just becomes a tool for you, not like another world. And I say this not just for me, but for all the book lovers out there. 

Books have expanded my power of imagination to such an extent, that my reality is better than any normal reality. Whenever I finish a book, it’s like I have lost a part of my soul. And re-reading books is not a waste of time. As I read it again and again, it only gets better, and I always find one little piece of detail that I had left the previous time. Books are, in my opinion, the most wonderfully created pieces of art, redefining us from centuries to centuries, and leaving their legacies behind. Books are the one thing that will always survive for the better. And I have realized that it doesn’t matter what book you read. What matters is that at least you’re reading something. It’s true. Reading changes a person. It changes our perception, the way we react to things, the way we fall in love, the way we imagine, the way we dream, the way we speak, the way we are. 

The way we are. I mentioned earlier that books tell us why we are who we are. And that’s because books have characters that represent (in some ways) either our society, or our perception. Books dwell upon certain traits of a character, which may be similar to our traits. We get to see the world from another’s eye. The impact that simple words can have on a being, is paramount.

” I read

   like the ink

   from the book

   is oxygen


   I’m gasping


   breath. ”                   -Unknown

Read. And keep reading. Just pick up any book and start reading. You know that you’ve fallen in love with it the day you can’t help but skip dinner and cling onto it. You’ll thank me later! 


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