Some words by my friend

(Hey guys! This a poem written by my friend Prachi. She is an amazing writer, but she is modest about it. I told her she should start a blog but I got a simple ‘no’ back from her. Prachi is a really different person. She is neither an introvert nor an extrovert. She hangs somewhat in between. Currently, she has become obsessed with the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth. Moreover, she has become obsessed with the character Four/Tobias Eaton. I can only guess that this poem is meant for Four. :P)


He met me in my dreams

The most beautiful soul he seems.

His eyes deep enough to be lost

The place where we landed was full of frost.

Last day, I felt his hand to confirm his presence

And luckily I could feel his essence.

I got mired in the bars of affection

Now everything seems to be in perfection.

Staring at each other we welcomed the dawn

Then we walked on the empty lawn.

The moon had come up with a sparkling light

I knew it was our best night.

We joined our hands and between us there was no gap

His hands were like a lost person who had found a map.

And soon our lips met

But still there was more we wanted  to get.

I fell in his arms and he wrapped me in

I knew he didn’t care about all my sins.

He was aware that I needed more.

He wished to give me all the love he stored.

He picked me up and laid me down

He knew the limits and wanted to stay on the ground.

I comforted him that I cared about nothing

Except that I was his queen and he was my king.

I covered him in my arms 

He hugged me with a calm.

I could feel his body on mine

After all those pains I wanted to be fine.

The kiss of bliss shivered me from inside

And there was nothing we wanted to hide.

All night we kissed and I felt the love in his heart

I knew we were made for each other from the start.

I felt his hands on my back

He gave me all the intimacy I lack.

We were one that night and we want that forever.

I know we will never drift apart ever. 



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