My geeky Harry Potter stuff

So this is all the geeky Harry Potter stuff I have, most of which I have DIYed. It saddens me that I don’t have even one book from the Harry Potter series, being the Potterhead I am. But I do have two books from the ‘Hogwarts Library’ collection- Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages. Also, I have just placed the order for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Amazon.

I read the first three books in the series in PDF format in my Kindle because our school library doesn’t have them. Then I got the rest of them issued from the library. I have read Harry Potter a million times, and I’m still not tired of them. I have even listened to the British version of the audio book of The Philosopher’s Stone. It is narrated by the amazing Stephen Fry and his voice acting just leaves you spell bounded.

So…here is my stuff.20160809_221702

This is all of it from above. Now,I’ll get closer to each and every one of them.

Okay,so here are the two wands I DIYed myself. I admit it wasn’t that easy, especially that Bellatrix Lestrange wand. For the one with the red loops, it took me about an hour to make it. The most difficult part was the painting. It was even more difficult to make the Lestrange wand because I hand to combine two separate rolls of newspaper to give it that bent look. But the effort was all worth it and it came out pretty nice.


Next we have Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages.


This is a sneak peak into Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The author Newt Scamander has basically recorded his adventures in it by telling about various magical creatures and classifying them as dangerous, very dangerous, not dangerous,etc.


Since the book was owned by Harry during his first year, it has some funny little notes and drawings inside, like this at the last page-


And this at the very first page. These writings prove that they were no different from us in this matter- messing up our books, drawing, playing tic-tac-toe and basically not paying attention in class!


This is the first page of Quidditch Through the Ages. We can see little hearts and games of tic-tac-toe yet again. Although, this book doesn’t have that many notes and drawings that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has.


What I found interesting in this first page was this ‘Hogwarts Library’ record of the students who got that book issued. ‘R.Weasley stinks’ and the stamp ‘overdue’ next to his name! ‘S.Bones is great’. These tiny little things is what makes you feel as if you’re really reading a book from the Hogwarts Library.

Quidditch Through the Ages is basically the history of Quidditch. It tells us about how it came into being, how different the rules were back then, the drastic change in the Snitch,etc. I am not really a sports person but one sport that I love is Quidditch! Here’s the diagram of the standard Quidditch pitch. (I tried a lot to rotate the picture but wasn’t able to.Here it is anyway.)


So, these are the Harry Potter corner bookmarks I made. It doesn’t take much time and it sure is fun!


This is how they look when inserted at the corner of a book.


Next, I bought Harry Potter spectacles from Lenskart in April first week this year. Actually I wanted to buy owl glasses but then my eyes fell on this one and I just had to buy it! I feel so Potter-ish when I am wearing these. Also, I printed out the Hogwarts letter that Harry received when he turned 11 (the letter that was shown in the movie). This letter took a hell lot of time because I wanted to replicate each and everything. For example- the font in which the letter had been written and signature of Professor McGonagall. But ultimately, it turned out really nice.

20160809_225014 20160809_225035

Here are the letters inside the envelope. The first being the one where he is told that he has been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The second being the one where all the necessary requirements for the term like textbooks, wand, pet and uniform has been listed.



Here’s the close up of the above letter.




So next I have Harry Potter Monopoly! Oh boy, I’m so proud of this one. First of all, you have to believe me when I say that I haven’t bought this…..I have made this. The top of the board that you’re seeing right now is actually printed. I made this a long time ago so I don’t remember from which site I printed the layouts. The printouts were really not a big thing as I didn’t have to make them. But it took two-three days just to cut out the cardboard layouts on which I have pasted these printouts. Cutting cardboard may not seem like a difficult task but when you have to cut out 30-40 layouts for the mortgage cards and all, it becomes pretty tedious. For the pawns and money, I haven’t made any HP related ones so I just use the ones from the original Monopoly that I have. But lately, I have been thinking of making galleons and sickles for the money. I just don’t know how I’ll make them because I can’t even find a site from where I could print them out.



All the places are from the Wizarding World and that’s what makes the game even more interesting.



The ones on the left are ‘Potions’ cards and the ones on the right are ‘Spells’ cards. These both are basically Chance and Community Chest cards.


Below are some cards of Potions.


And these are some cards of Spells.


I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good. Yes,you guessed it! I have The Marauder’s Map also. I printed this too! You can easily find the printable for this. There are about three-four pages which I have just pasted as it was written in the tutorial.


This is what it looks like when opened.


Isn’t this just the most amazing thing?!

Mischief Managed.

This is the Professor McGonagall hat. Originally, I planned it to be a Sorting Hat but I wasn’t able to implement that idea properly. So, I changed it into a McGonagall hat.


Last, I have this scrapbook I made. But it doesn’t just have Harry Potter related news,photos and stuff, but Narnia related too. But for now, I’ll only show you the HP related stuff as this post is about Harry Potter only.


So, these are some of the pages of my scrapbook as I can’t post every page as it will take too long to click the pictures!

These all are J.K.Rowling’s notes and drawings of the characters.You can find all these on the net very easily.

So,this was all of it! But I have to have more of HP stuff like Luna’s earrings, a Snitch necklace, A Deathly Hallows mark necklace, an HP related T-shirt and most of all, the whole series!








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