The world of Tessa Netting


This gal always manages to put a wide smile on my face. This totally geeky gal named Tessa Netting. Okay, she is a Youtuber and if you don’t watch her videos….well, I don’t know you. She is a Ravenclaw. She is a Superwholockian ( a fan of Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock). She also loves Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games and Divergent. She is a HUGE fan of The Fault in our Stars and Hamilton the Musical.She is extremely talented. She is an actress (she is in Bunk’d series) and she sings really well. The first video I ever watched of Tessa Netting was something about a 100 things to do when you are not at Hogwarts. Ever since I saw that video, I fell in love with her. Normally, I don’t subscribe to Youtubers like her. But it was something about her that just made me extremely happy. So, I subscribed to her channel immediately.

She calls her fans ‘starfish’ and her favorite animal is sloth. Her ‘Patronus’ is Daniel Radcliffe. She introduced me to the ‘cotton eye joe’ dance too. And now, all I keep doing is that country dance when there’s no one at my home!

Whenever I am sad or bored, I just know that Tessa Netting will cheer me up. She is one of the geekiest persons I know. Her collaborations with SoundProofLiz and Brizzy Voices are just amazing. Also, I am in love with her room! She has all these geeky little things and T-Shirts and accessories…

I could go on and on about her. She is that bright path of sunlight that never fades away somehow. And she is my sunlight. She is my way out of dark rooms. I love the way she doesn’t hide who she is. She shows her true self and that’s what make people love her.

Thank you, Tessa Netting! For everything. For every single video of yours. For making me smile,time to time. I will be your starfish forever!

Geek with me!



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