Crammed up week

Hey guys! I know I missed last Weekend Again’s post but seriously, I am short of time right now. Mid term exams are going on and it’s all about studying these days. My room is actually flooded with textbooks,reference books,sample papers and notebooks right now! Tomorrow I have my English exam and that means I can relax for now. English and French are the only two subjects that I am really comfortable with. I like Social Science too, especially History. So, anyway, since I have a lot of time today, I thought of writing a blog post since it has been more than a week since I posted something.

And I just want to tell you that I  won’t be able to post even the next Weekend Again’s post as I have my Maths exam on Monday. And maths is a nightmare. I don’t know what I ever did to maths but it keeps taking a revenge on me! It doesn’t understand that I don’t wish to find its precious ‘x’ and ‘y’.It doesn’t understand that I don’t wish to find the value of sin theta+cos theta. But I am glad that this year is my last year with maths because I will be opting for Humanities in the next grade. I am so happy that I will finally break up with this blood-thirsty devil of numbers!

Once these exams finish, I will be back to my blog in full swing. But for now, I can only wait patiently for that lucky day!



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