That girl in the cloak

She was imbued with all things unknown

that lay deep within the ocean.

Often she would hear the singing of a baritone

but no matter how much she endeavored to enjoy its bliss, inside she was broken.


For she used to be the lustrous surface of all things bright

and now she was besmeared with the mystery of time.

She used to walk in the park in spring

but now all she did, was roam around the graves.


Her face was grief stricken and her eyes pale

and her cloak tattered and her breath stale.

Her hands quivering as if demanding an answer

to the questions that remained a closed chapter.


She wondered when her life would come to an end,

not knowing that she was already dead.


No one really knew her,

or what she did or what she had lost.

She was a dying ember in the ashes

and she would remain a mystery forever.





















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