Guest-Post #1

My friend Akshat Goyal has come all the way from to host this post and express his ideas. Go check out his blog to explore more of his outlooks!


Children from the very beginning are taught the difference between a boy and a girl. Boys are always taught to be strong and brave, whereas, girls are taught to be sensitive, kind and generous. If a boy cries, his parents immediately tell him, “stop crying like a girl, and be brave”.On the other hand, girls are taught to be good mothers and are rarely allowed to be in the limelight and pursue their desires and profession. Pink is always associated with girls and blue with boys. Whenever, a boy is seen playing with a Barbie, he is mocked off by his friends and his parents might tell him toplay with cars and superheroes. Also, we often end up using the word ‘shopaholic’ with girls rather than boys. But is this right? Why are girls meant to be so inferior to boys?Can a boy not wear pink or a girl not wear a blue dress? Should we not pay both the genders equal respect and look at them having the same perspective? I say, yes and this very curse is what we call – gender inequality.

Today is the time of the modern era- the 21st century. But what is the root cause of the poison of gender discrimination? I suppose, It is the upbringing of the child that makes him/her so vulnerable to such mind set. These children when grow up pass on their perspectives to the next generation, thus forming a chain reaction. To turn this poison into medicine, it is important for all of us, especially for today’s youth, to understand that everybody is equal. Also, the Indian constitution states that everybody is equal before the law, irrespective of his/her gender, caste or status. Even, the various religious sects in the world teach that disrespecting and hurting any person, irrespective of his/her caste, religion or gender is a sin! I mean, then who are we to judge people and create the barriers of gender discrimination? We must not restrict the availability of resources and opportunities to any gender to break these barriers forever. We must keep forging ahead and try following these ideas in our day to day lives, to lead a life full of opportunities and equality in every aspect. So, let us all determine to fight this battle and triumph in the end through our vigorous and invincible efforts!


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