Guest-Post #2

My lovely friend Nitya Bhasin has come all the way from her blog to put forward her thoughts. You should definitely check out her blog to get an insight of her beautiful perspectives!

There’s something about being lonely which makes you feel like the cosmos is trying to kill you. But sometimes being all alone is what you want. There is something about it that makes you shallow or sometimes selfish- you never try to overcome your fears,your worst fears. Something about this makes you cruel at times. Sadness, I don’t know how to speak of. Feelings, I can’t describe. 

When everything is out to get you, your bed sheets suddenly feel like the ocean in which you’ve been drowning for years not realising the depth. We’re so used to being selfish that we can’t imagine a world where selfishness doesn’t exist. Our imagination can only go as far as imagining a cat talking or a fairy granting wishes but imagining a world where people are kind? 

As far as I know, a person’s selfish and egoistic words can make marks on another person’s heart that won’t even heal! Being kind is something that makes all of us equal and alike.  The universe has its own ways of making people unique and them moulding into monotonous creatures built of disappointment and fear. This is something about sadness that devours you bit by bit. Perhaps that’s what makes us humans not mind it. 


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