Guest-Post #3

So my friend Juhi Sharma has come all the way from her blog to host this post and express her ideas and beautiful perspectives. Go check out her blog to read more of her writings!


They say “Action Speaks louder than words” but I think “Silence speaks the loudest”

Silence is the key to all our problems. Be it anything. When we keep calm within ourselves, we know what we really feel. Being quiet with others helps you in knowing what they feel.

Silence is indeed the communication that comes directly from the heart and reaches the heart. There is a difference between being alone and enjoying your alone time. I think it is very important for people to have that “Alone time”

Just being alone with your favorite cup of coffee is something the only therapy you need. And trust me, it works. Every single time. So, be it that storm in your head you cannot clear up or just you being tired of certain things, being alone is all that you need for that time. So, as they say, Self-love is the first love.

Till when you cannot come in peace with yourself, life doesn’t seem that good to you. So, go ahead, love yourself, be yourself and do whatever makes you happy.


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