Guest-Post #5

Actually I was supposed to post this on Saturday but I got way too busy. So anyway,this time, my friend Oggy has come to host this post. Check out to discover his brilliant spoken word poetry. You’d be left spellbound!

Glow in the limitless sky

We are all walking through deserted streets,
With lonely hearts.
With the starless sky seeming torn apart.
It’s cold within our minds, it’s cold without hearts,
This world’s gone dark,
Where have we lost that spark.

Doesn’t happiness seem an illusion?
The more of it you get, the more you want,
Fear that lay low, is now back from time to haunt.
It makes this fire filled soul grow cold,
And its left now in ashes behold,
But why doubt your own self,
When the key of freedom lies within?

If you give up now and you’ll live in grief,
Push those moments of despair away,
For this pain and hurt shall be brief,
Open up your soul to a new day.
Just a minute filled with hope is all you need,
A push to know it’s not the end,
A smile that will guide you home,
Someone to hold onto called a friend.

This ever conspiring universe can’t fold out,
The life in the light deep within you,
Coz your heart, your heart is that mystical yet magical seed,
Through which hope shall breed.

Pain will turn to laughter,
Grief will turn to joy,
Coz you will find peace deep within,
For now this world is yours to win.

Put together the pieces of life you hold dear,
Catch onto every dream that’s rising high,
Don’t forget to love and live endlessly without fear,
As you glow in the limitless sky.


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