A plan for no plans

Winter break is coming to an end and I have absolutely no idea why I have to go to school. Yeah, that’s right. I hate school. Basically, I am Tom Sawyer.

When the vacations started, everyone was talking about their ‘plans’. I too, was one of them. I had two plans. Plan A was about studying hard and completing my previous school assignments. And Plan B was a plan for no plans.

Of course my priority was Plan A. But I ended up falling head over heels for Plan B.

No schedule. No restrictions. No goals. Pure bliss.

I spent quality time with myself. ‘Alone time’ as they call it. But being alone doesn’t always mean shutting yourselves out. To me, it’s about reading a book on a cold winter morning, binge-watching a show while wrapped in a blanket, doing creative DIYs.

So that’s what I did in these vacations. And I’m pretty happy about it. But I can’t go back to school yet. I don’t want to. School doesn’t make any sense to me. I want to live in my own world. I don’t want to be ‘not myself’ again. I don’t want to be a part of 40 kids in a dull classroom with a blackboard and tiled floor. I don’t want to shut that part of me that I like the most. And the weird thing is, I don’t know what ‘that part’ really is. But what I do know is that things won’t be the same again as soon as school starts. I won’t be the same. I would be back to who I was before the start of vacations.

That is why I hate school. Because it changes me somehow. It changes me to a person I don’t understand well. I am a really geeky person to be honest- crazy about books, bookish merchandise, tv shows, sci fi, movies, music. You can talk to me all day long and I won’t get bored. But the moment I step into school, unnecessary assignments,depressing chapters, dim lit classrooms and monotonous schedule flood into my life.

What I really wanna do is binge-watch Netflix original shows all day long. What I really wanna do is curl up in my blanket and read books. What I really wanna do is listen to Imagine Dragons at full volume and sing along the songs the whole day. Yes, I find that far more engaging than attending school!

Basically, I wish to carry out a plan for no plans instead of going to school. Because school is all about planning and discipline and time management. All of these things suck, don’t they? Don’t they sound extremely boring? And I am going to quote Joker here,” The only sensible way to live is without rules.”

But school is going to start anyway.No matter what I say, I’d had to attend it anyway. So, let’s hope the weekend comes soon after the school starts!



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