My individuality

”Oh mom, look what I did to my hair!”, said the little girl excitedly. Her mother burst into fits of laughter when she saw that her daughter had tied up her hair with a pair of socks! The little girl was so amused by her creation, she went out of the house to show it to her neighbours. She didn’t care about what people may think of her. She didn’t need someone’s approval for who she was. All she cared about, was her weird looking hair!
I used to be like this little girl- fearless and nonchalant. And to some extent, I am still a bit like her. But I do care a little about what others may think. And I don’t think it’s very healthy. If I appreciate my individuality, why should I need someone else’s approval?

I have a friend who constantly keeps telling me that I should go back to being that girl. But it’s easier said than done. I am going to tell you an incident and it may seem a bit childish but nonetheless, here it goes-I have these Harry Potter spectacles which I used to wear at school. But the criticism and weird looks I got from some of my classmates forced me to not wear them. I just couldn’t handle it. Some strangers just kept staring at me as if I were a fugitive! There were some people who told me that I shouldn’t care whether others like my look or not. But being the socially awkward person that I am, I stopped wearing them. And now I regret it! I deeply regret it. I appreciate who I am, and I shouldn’t let others shape me. So I have decided that from next grade, I am going to wear them at school. Because in the end, looks don’t matter! And nobody has the right to tell you otherwise. If you like something, go for it!

I am socially awkward. Yes, I’m a wallflower, I find dancing and DJs uncomfortable. I find large gatherings strange and I just want to get out. And I won’t let anybody else change me. It’s okay to be an introvert. It’s okay if you don’t like making small talk with distant relatives. It’s okay if you find writing more comfortable than debating. It’s all okay as long as you appreciate your individuality. I’ve been told several times that my presence at a dance party means nothing, that I’m a bore and I let the energy of the people at a DJ down, that I should dance and have ‘fun’ instead of sitting in a corner and just talking to a friend. But they don’t ever understand me. So I let it all slide.

I enjoy more at small gatherings, and that too, with my loved ones. It’s better being complete crazy with your close friends than dancing to loud music and pretending you’re having the time of your life.

It’s just who I am.

Be different, accept yourself, and be like Luna Lovegood and blame it on the Nargles!






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