Those 15 days-Another life, another story

Hey guys! Hope you’re having a lovely day! I’m sorry for being so inactive these past few months. But I’ve got a lot of stories to tell you guys!

So, I went on an Exchange Program with my fellow friends from school. We went to France, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. The exchange was just in Denmark though, we just visited the other places. In Denmark, we had to go to a Danish school and live with Danish students and basically, explore their culture. And I swear, those 15 days were possibly the best days of my life. I know I won’t get to relive them.
This post wasn’t planned, but I felt like writing about it because I am utterly dejected that I had to leave those days behind.

So I was going through my Europe pictures (for the hundredth time) when I started welling up..and realised how each and every picture had a story behind it, how everyone I had met during my trip had left their imprints on me, how I had left a part of myself there.

From how we reached Frankfurt airport on 9th May only to find out that we had missed our flight from Frankfurt to Paris and how we had to book another flight immediately and everyone was so worried, how our teachers scolded us on the streets of Paris (definitely not proud of that) , how a french waiter sang the famous Hindi song ‘Chahiya chahiya’ for us and told us about his unconditional love for Katrina Kaif (yeah that happened), how my friend forgot her DSLR bag at the top of Eiffel Tower and some security guards thought it was a bomb and put those ‘caution’ yellow tapes around the bag and how my friend ran towards them and told them it was just her DSLR bag (no, I’m not making this up), how ecstatic I felt when I was standing right below La Tour Eiffel, how disappointed I was to see La Mona Lisa ( I’m sorry but the painting was just too small you know), how the french receptionist at our hotel threatened to kill my teachers because we were making a lot of noise (I finally realised why most people say that french people are rude), how I sang ‘Champs-Élysées’ with my friend while waiting at a bus stop in Paris, how we reached Copenhagen airport to be warmly welcomed by two Danish teachers and two Danish students- Freja and Katerine, how it was raining when we got there and we had to drag our suitcases till their school in Hillerød (which was also my host’s hometown), how I finally met my host Regine and we shared a hug, how she welcomed me to her sweet house and I met her brother Frederik and her cat Mynthe (he is the cutest thing in the whole world) and her parents Kim and Lene, how I had dinner with them ( it was so nice talking to them. Lene made baked eggplants which were really delicious), how we went to Copenhagen and had the best ice cream ever, how we had a Barbeque party at Leia’s place and it was so freaking cold, how we went to Louisiana museum and beach and one of my friends slapped me with an Iphone (just for fun haha), how we went to Rasmus’ place and played this awesome game called ‘What do you meme’ where you have to match some cards with some pictures to make a funny meme, how we went to Sweden through a ferry and enjoyed the sea breezes, how I had the best mud cake ever with Regine, how I rolled on grass with my friend at Emma’s place because it was a starry sky and the weather was awesome, how we used to attend their school and it gave us ‘movie type high schools’ feel , how we attended a Chemistry class and the teacher literally showed us some explosions using chemicals (it was the best chemistry class of my life) , how a Danish teacher taught us their typical ballroom dance (it was fun but so confusing), how I came to my room to find Regine’s cat resting on my bed (so cute), how I made Biryani for my host family and they loved it, how we performed some Indian dances and songs for them in school (it was an embarrassing moment when we were waiting for our song to play but it wouldn’t and everyone was staring at us) , how I went on a roller coaster for the first time ( it was SO scary with the gigantic loops and the speed) , how we went bowling and I could manage only one strike ( depressing, I know), how we had pizza at a hill and everything was looking so beautiful, how it was finally the day to leave Denmark and catch our flight to Switzerland, how everyone was feeling sad to leave our Danish friends and families behind, how our flight to Zurich got cancelled (flights just don’t like us) and we felt happy about it because we didn’t want to leave Denmark but eventually we booked another flight and left that day only, how we walked around in Zurich and discovered beautiful places, how the teachers were mad at us for a lot of reasons ( again, not proud of that) , how I fell sick and everyone was being so nice to me ( the only benefit of getting sick), how we went to Mount Titlis and had snowball fights and tried to make a snowman, how it was SO cold because there was ice all around and my hands and feet got frozen and I was sick but it didn’t matter, how my friends had a weird fight and they were crying outside their hotel room with pizza boxes in their hands ( I shouldn’t say this but they were looking so cute. Later on, we came to know it was a silly misunderstanding and it was actually quite funny) , how it was finally the time to return to India and I was quite happy to go back, how my luggage was drug tested during the checking( in case you are wondering, no, I wasn’t carrying any drugs, just two bottles of Swiss wine that my friend had bought from Zurich for her dad and had put them in my bag because hers didn’t have enough space. But drug testing was an experience you know! 😛 ) , how we didn’t miss any flight this time and reached Frankfurt (it was a connecting flight), how our teachers had warned us not to take out our mobiles else they would throw them in the dustbin (they were angry at us during the whole trip), how we finally boarded our flight to Delhi (it was a 7 hour journey) , how I stayed up the whole time with some of my friends trying to find an Ed Sheeran song on my Ipod (I swear that song’s in my Ipod but we were looking for it for 2 hours but couldn’t find it. I don’t know why) , how we finally reached Delhi and were welcomed by oh so sweet heat waves (gee, it was so pleasant in Europe and we literally melted here), how our luggage didn’t come on the conveyor belt for 30 minutes and we were going crazy, how our luggage finally came and we met our families (such an emotional and happy moment) , how I came back to my own house situated amidst the hustle bustle and noisy streets to how I cherished for being a part of this exchange, I loved every moment of it and I wish I could tell you more about it, but I don’t want to bore you!

I would just like to say that be an opportunist. Grab a chance and hold on to it, discover places, meet new people, make new memories, but most of all, enjoy every single moment because you wouldn’t get to live it again.

As John Keating would say ,” Carpe Diem. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.”




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