How did we end up here?

Have you ever wondered how did we end up here? Like how did you end up reading this? How did I end up writing this? How did you end up with your friends? How did I end up asking you this question?

When I come to think of it, it all seems so strange. It’s a matter of choice,really. Maybe you chose to have cornflakes in milk instead of milk in cornflakes!

But there’s something that drives us to choose a path, however small and vague it is.
We are who we are. We shape ourselves by the choices we make.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might know that I love this show called ‘Red Band Society’. And a character in it once said,” You will always be you. You might even be more you. Because your body isn’t you. Your soul is you, and they can never cut into your soul.”



The silence defines me

I am falling through the clouds of darkness,
gently touching the ground beneath me.
The silence defines me.
I gaze at the sky.
For even she has scars today.

I close my eyes and go into a trance.
And I wish I could stay like that forever,
Not letting chaos trouble me.
The silence defines me.

Would you still look at her the same way?

Tell me
What if she had chosen the stars over the moon?
Would you still look at her the same way?
Tell me
What if she had chosen the deep sea over the high mountains?
Would you still look at her the same way?
Tell me 
What if she had chosen darkness over light?
Would you still look at her the same way?
Would you still look at her the same way?

Rotten petals

The beam of light blinds me,

as I have sacrificed myself to the darkness.

Those memories and promises for a ‘forever’,

are rotten petals in the garden of oblivion.

Nightmares have taken the place of pleasant dreams,

And they cannot hear my screams.

They cannot hear my screams.



The girl named ‘Heaven’

In a wee bit old town in the summer of ‘97,

A baby girl was born and named ‘heaven’.

Her mother cuddled her every minute, her father told her stories

But all she did was stare at the trees.

She didn’t laugh, or cry, or smile, or talk

and the townspeople had begun to call her a ‘rock’.

Mama and Papa tried everything they could,

from blowing raspberries to cart wheeling in a greenwood.

But nothing affected the little girl,

And the Mayor had begun to call her a ‘churl’.

Soon, everyone gave up on her,

But her parents decided to consult a doctor.

And so they went with high hopes to the town of Trylorn,

But came back in tears when the doctor said,”She was never meant to be born.”

They looked down at their daughter sitting by their side,

Who just stared at them, cold-eyed.

Years went by and she remained the same,

Until the day her parents called her a shame to the family’s name.

That night, for the first time, she shed silent tears,

And now they had come true- her fears.

So she picked up the knife from her bed stand

And put her life to an end.


We are moving forward

through the wild and beautiful mountains

with young hearts and gay thoughts.

And in this moment,

we know what we are.

We are alive.

The Magic of Magic

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.    – Roald Dahl

What is magic? Is it the tricks that magicians perform? Is it casting fancy spells? Or is it just a myth?

I believe magic is everywhere- in a pale leaf fallen on the ground, in sea waves, in the rustling of leaves, in books, in ourselves.

When I make someone smile, I call it magic. When I travel to other worlds through books, I call it magic. When I find myself trapped in a labyrinth of fears and hope calls out to me, I call it magic.

Magic is about belief, about the power of imagination. It doesn’t matter if you go beyond the track lines, what matters is how strong your belief remains. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, I enter a wardrobe and end up in Narnia!

Most people are skeptical about the mere idea of magic. And I think they are missing out on a lot, as magic isn’t something we do, it’s something we experience. And feeling the presence of magic is profoundly influencing. You just need to believe.

It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us.   -J.K.Rowling

Untouched by eternity

On cold dark nights,

I do seek for a flame,

dancing in all its glory,

untouched by eternity.

I know it will end;

the dancing of the flame,

but that is its beauty. 

A plan for no plans

Winter break is coming to an end and I have absolutely no idea why I have to go to school. Yeah, that’s right. I hate school. Basically, I am Tom Sawyer.

When the vacations started, everyone was talking about their ‘plans’. I too, was one of them. I had two plans. Plan A was about studying hard and completing my previous school assignments. And Plan B was a plan for no plans.

Of course my priority was Plan A. But I ended up falling head over heels for Plan B.

No schedule. No restrictions. No goals. Pure bliss.

I spent quality time with myself. ‘Alone time’ as they call it. But being alone doesn’t always mean shutting yourselves out. To me, it’s about reading a book on a cold winter morning, binge-watching a show while wrapped in a blanket, doing creative DIYs.

So that’s what I did in these vacations. And I’m pretty happy about it. But I can’t go back to school yet. I don’t want to. School doesn’t make any sense to me. I want to live in my own world. I don’t want to be ‘not myself’ again. I don’t want to be a part of 40 kids in a dull classroom with a blackboard and tiled floor. I don’t want to shut that part of me that I like the most. And the weird thing is, I don’t know what ‘that part’ really is. But what I do know is that things won’t be the same again as soon as school starts. I won’t be the same. I would be back to who I was before the start of vacations.

That is why I hate school. Because it changes me somehow. It changes me to a person I don’t understand well. I am a really geeky person to be honest- crazy about books, bookish merchandise, tv shows, sci fi, movies, music. You can talk to me all day long and I won’t get bored. But the moment I step into school, unnecessary assignments,depressing chapters, dim lit classrooms and monotonous schedule flood into my life.

What I really wanna do is binge-watch Netflix original shows all day long. What I really wanna do is curl up in my blanket and read books. What I really wanna do is listen to Imagine Dragons at full volume and sing along the songs the whole day. Yes, I find that far more engaging than attending school!

Basically, I wish to carry out a plan for no plans instead of going to school. Because school is all about planning and discipline and time management. All of these things suck, don’t they? Don’t they sound extremely boring? And I am going to quote Joker here,” The only sensible way to live is without rules.”

But school is going to start anyway.No matter what I say, I’d had to attend it anyway. So, let’s hope the weekend comes soon after the school starts!


Guest-Post #5

Actually I was supposed to post this on Saturday but I got way too busy. So anyway,this time, my friend Oggy has come to host this post. Check out to discover his brilliant spoken word poetry. You’d be left spellbound!

Glow in the limitless sky

We are all walking through deserted streets,
With lonely hearts.
With the starless sky seeming torn apart.
It’s cold within our minds, it’s cold without hearts,
This world’s gone dark,
Where have we lost that spark.

Doesn’t happiness seem an illusion?
The more of it you get, the more you want,
Fear that lay low, is now back from time to haunt.
It makes this fire filled soul grow cold,
And its left now in ashes behold,
But why doubt your own self,
When the key of freedom lies within?

If you give up now and you’ll live in grief,
Push those moments of despair away,
For this pain and hurt shall be brief,
Open up your soul to a new day.
Just a minute filled with hope is all you need,
A push to know it’s not the end,
A smile that will guide you home,
Someone to hold onto called a friend.

This ever conspiring universe can’t fold out,
The life in the light deep within you,
Coz your heart, your heart is that mystical yet magical seed,
Through which hope shall breed.

Pain will turn to laughter,
Grief will turn to joy,
Coz you will find peace deep within,
For now this world is yours to win.

Put together the pieces of life you hold dear,
Catch onto every dream that’s rising high,
Don’t forget to love and live endlessly without fear,
As you glow in the limitless sky.